About Us

INNOVATION lies at the heart of the Bannerconda.

Bannerconda is Australia’s wholly owned and patented, street-pole banner raise-and-display systems that was developed to simplify banner change-over: to make it easier, faster, safer, and less expensive.

Instead of using High Lift Equipment to take the operator to a fixed banner arm, Bannerconda™ brings a detachable arm down to the operator.

Banners are changed from ground level, are fully secure and save Council time and money.

We have gained multiple Energy approvals, and can supply all your banner needs.

Challangila Pty Ltd trading as Bannerconda was established in 1998.  Lachlan McCudden (a director of Bannerconda) and his son Dean are the inventors of the Bannerconda system.  Design excellence was acknowledged by judges of ‘The New Inventors’ (ABC TV) show when they chose Bannerconda as Episode Winner in 2007.

The Bannerconda raise & display systems are patented see Business case under patents.