Routine maintenance

Bright, fresh banners make everyone feel good – but it’s not always a matter of just ‘set and forget’.  Mother Nature sometimes intervenes. 

So appoint an Officer who will take pride in ensuring that everything is kept clean and in good working order.


Halyard : Check at the gripper cleat, and at the exit of the banner arm spigot for signs of wear to the rope. 

If the inner core is visible, or if the casing is bunching, simply pull the rope out of the spigot, tie a new knot, cut away the excess, leaving 2 or 3 cm beyond the knot. Optional : for a neat finish, heat-seal the raw end.  

NOTE :  If you find that the angle of the banner arm has altered, release the halyard and re-set the banner arm.  

Weights : If the weights are binding, check for damage to the conduit at the sticking point. 

There may be a build-up of leaf debris, insects or road grime.  Use a water pressure spray to clean the conduit  and head. 

Banners : Whenever possible, you should  remove banners before a storm, and be sure to inspect the banner and halyard for signs of wear after high winds.

Re-attach clips if necessary, repair frayed banners early, and wash banners if they are looking grubby.

If there is no banner, the banner arm must not be left to dangle, as this can damage the halyard.

It’s a good idea to have an alternative set of Civic Pride banners on hand – so your Bannercondas are never bare.