Financial benefits


We have built significant working relationships with many Councils in Australia.

They are using Bannerconda and Brander-conda because they understand the role of banners in the promotion of Council’s corporate brand.

Councils appreciate that banners are integral to the celebration of cultural diversity within their communities, and also serve to  increase social and economic opportunities for their citizens.

They know that fresh and well presented banners will help confirm the feeling that their shire, municipality, city or town is a unique and desirable place in which to live, work, and operate a business.



State and Federal Government Grants are available to Councils to attract tourism trade, to support industries in relocating to their area, to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and to provide home, water and road safety reminders.



Councils are using the Bannerconda range to raise revenue, with commercial co-sponsorship income providing additional services and facilities  for rate payers.

Community events provide opportunities to foster inclusion and multi-culturalism by observing days of national significance, religious holidays, and local festivals.

They are the perfect cross-promotion situation for national advertisers to show how their brands contribute to the enjoyment of an outdoor lifestyle. 

Many Government health and safety awareness campaigns, as well as independent fund raisers for medical research have well established branding and presence.

Their commercial sponsors welcome the opportunity to take their message to townships all over Australia.



A major regional Council charges $ 120 to install then remove a banner on a fixed arm, and only $25 to change a flag – $ 95 less, because it’s easier and quicker. 

By taking out the fixed arm and replacing it with a Bannerconda, the change-over is just as simple : that’s $95 that can go towards paying for the system. 

After the first ten or so banner changes, the Bannerconda has paid for itself . 

And if your Council doesn’t currently own street-poles for banner display, our BRANDER-CONDA pole is your answer.