AUSTRALIA        2006284544                  2008213901

NEW ZEALAND       566099                          578433

USA         US 8,109,225 B2           US 8,191,497 B2

CANADA        2619985                         2676492

Euro Union       1929460                         2109858

CHINA        ZL 200680035103.5       ZL 200880009089.0

HONG KONG        HK 1122126                  App. 09111130.9

Sth AFRICA         2008 / 02912                 2009 / 05052

Aus.Pat. 782024               Pat. US 6758159B2

APPA 2005904626 +   2005904849    WO 2007/022596 A1   PCT/AU2006/001239

APPA 2007900564 +   2007906100    WO 2008/095246 A1   PCT/AU2008/000146 

1.  Intellectual Property

Challangila Pty Ltd holds an extensive portfolio of National and International Patents whose unique and innovative Claims protect every feature, component and process of Bannerconda™, Bannerjib™, Bannerglide™ and the Brander-conda™ pole.  Also protected are Claims which describe an internal system for the multi-function BLISS-pole™. These products shall be collectively referred to hereafter as “Bannerconda”.                                                          

 2.  Patent Infringements

Our Patent Attorneys advise that if Purchasers are approached by other firms offering banner display systems which  appear to replicate the functions of Bannerconda you should seek from that supplier a written legal opinion and guarantee that their systems in no way infringe any of the claims of any of the Patents, Patent Applications, Provisional Patents, World Intellectual Property Organisation Applications and Patents, or Patent Co-operation Treaty Applications and Patents listed above, or not listed.

 3.  Sole supplier and installer                                                                                

As inventors and manufacturers of Bannerconda™,Brander-conda™  Bannerjib™, Bannerglide™ & BLiSS-pole™ we have  elected to remain the sole supplier of our banner display systems in Australia.                                                                 

4.  Your Organisation’s Purchase Orders                                                            

To protect your Organisation from possible litigation, we suggest the following disclaimer should be included on every Purchase Order. The following declaration conforms with advice in the NSW Government Departments and Authorities document regarding Procurement of Goods.

 ” The seller warrants that it has not violated any patent, trademark or copyright in producing or supplying the Supplies and agrees to defend any claim relating to any alleged violation and to indemnify the Buyer against any liability, loss or damage occasioned by any such claim or violation arising out of the use or possession of the Supplies or part thereof. ”