Our Warranty is valid for One Year from shipment of goods by us. 

Circumstances which will void the Warranty include :

* installation of systems other than as per our written instructions 

* unauthorised modifications to systems

* accidental or malicious damage

* extreme weather conditions

* misuse of systems through overloading e.g. using vinyl or canvas banners

* neglect : failure to carry out our brief Routine Maintenance instructions         

  a) check halyards for signs of wear

  b) keep the conduit free of leaf debris, insects, grease and grime, so the weights move smoothly

  c) ensure that all snap hooks are engaged

  d) never leave an empty banner arm dangling 

Also keep in mind that Bannerconda systems may be attached only after :

  a) permission has been granted in writing by all relevant authorities

  b) the proposed substrate has been certified by a Structural Engineer as stable, sound, suitable and safe.