RETRO-FIT refers to the attachment of the Bannerconda to existing or new poles.

POD  We use “pod” to describe a group of Bannerconda systems, placed to draw attention, and make a focal point of the location.       

Sometimes the impact of banners is lost amongst awnings and signs along a shopping strip. In these cases, it’s more effective to cluster a pod of banner poles at a roundabout, bridge or ‘gateway’. 

HALYARD is a rope to which a banner is clipped and hauled to the top of the pole.                          

 *  When the banner is up, most of the halyard remains at the lower end of the pole. In our systems, this is coiled neatly and concealed in the locked Rope Stow Box.

ROPE STOW BOX (unique to our systems) contains the gripper cleat, and attaches to the outside of the pole. It has a metal cover plate which opens by a security key. 

EWP (Elevated Work Platform) This term includes cherry pickers, scissor lifts, and bucket trucks.

*  All are items of heavy equipment which raise the operator in a ‘bucket’ or caged platform.                     

*  For O.H. & S (Occupational Health and Safety) purposes they require more than one operator, and each person requires appropriate certification                                                                                            

*  When an EWP is present on a work site, appropriate vehicular and pedestrian Traffic Control must be provided.

 *  They will require official Traffic Control to safely exclude vehicles and / or pedestrians.