Banner lifespan

*  Banners supplied by Bannerconda have double sewn hems, leading edge reinforcement and energy approved snap hooks.

*  These features are all designed to achieve the longest possible banner life. However, the lifespan of a banner depends on numerous display variables.

Industry average expectation 

*  A realistic industry average for a banner on 24 / 7 display is three months, depending on weather and traffic conditions, and the location and placement of the banner.

The Sun 

*  the sun’s UV rays will eventually weaken fibres and fade colours

*  outdoor banners last longest in a sheltered, shady spot

Wind  and  storms  

a violent storm can destroy a banner in hours

*  the fly edge (lower outer corner) is especially vulnerable

*  high winds place stress on clip connection points.

*  we advise that you apply 6mm cable ties to lower snap hooks.

*  the higher a banner is situated up a pole, the greater the wind velocity,  and the shorter the life of the banner


Shorter banner lifespan can be expected where banners are exposed to higher levels of abrasion and pollution, such as when they :

*  flap against awnings, walls, rough poles or trees

*  are constantly buffeted by passing trucks and buses

*  are exposed to dust, grime and fumes from vehicles                                                

*  are displayed in the vicinity of airborne industrial chemicals    


 *  Banners supplied by Bannerconda have been sourced to give you the best available combination of weather-resistant fabric, colour-fast inks  and printing bleed-through technology.

 *  Front and back will appear slightly different because of the weave, whatever the fabric. 

*  Colour can vary by + or – 5%  from nominated PMS depending on the base colour of  the substrate e.g. grey-white, cream-white, etc.

 Minor imperfections

 *  Whilst our printers and finishers adhere to high standards, it must be  remembered that these banners are not going to be viewed indoors,   at close quarters.

 *  Banners are supplied to us on the understanding that minor  imperfections in fabric or printing, or unavoidable short thread pulls caused when sewing, will all be judged acceptable on the basis of viewing the banner outdoors, from a distance of at least five metres, and taking into account natural movement by a breeze.