Bannerconda retro-fit

The Bannerconda is a fully patented street-pole banner raise-and-display system which enables banner change-over by one person at ground level. There is no need to use an EWP (elevated work platform).

The anodised aluminium conduit is fixed to the exterior of a Brander-conda pole, or other brand of multi-function pole, lighting column, wall or pylon, and carries within it the concealed halyard, and weights.

The halyard is held fast by a gripper cleat, keeping the banner arm firmly engaged in the Head, and is stored in a lockable Rope Stow Box, usually located at a convenient height for access.

The detachable banner arm is made of yacht grade flexible fibreglass fixed into a stainless steel spigot, and descends the pole when the halyard is released.  

Fixtures to any pole carrying electrical cable within it must be attached by a non-invasive  method. We provide concealed channel  nuts for the Brander-conda pole or any profile of fluted poles.

The Bannerconda can be metal-strapped to a smooth pole, Tek screwed to timber, Dyna-bolted to masonry, and powder coated to match your streetscape colour scheme.

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